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Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learned by Community Recovery Committees of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires v1.0-4 (pdf) - 422KB


• Start communicating ASAP
• Build trust and confidence through communications and constantly repeat key messages
• Try to reach out to everyone in your community and use a range of mediums
• Consider communications beyond your own community

Community Leadership

• Identify community leaders
• Ensure community leaders have legitimacy
• Run your community recovery committee meetings with a clear structure and agenda
• Enable community leaders to access support and development

Community Planning & Identifying Priorities

• Take the time to develop a recovery plan properly and engage others
• Be clear about the process to create your plan and to set priorities

Community Health and Wellbeing

• The community will recover in ‘stages’ and recovery will vary for every person
• Cater for the different recovery needs of different people in your community
• Look after yourself and those around you

Working with Government

• Lead your own community recovery – be bold!
• Actively build and value your relationships with government

Building effective relationships and networks

• Recognise and develop your relationships
• Think big!



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