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Blacksmiths Tree

blacksmiths-tree-trimmed.pngThe Blacksmiths Tree is an extraordinary piece of community art and has been developed as a gift to all communities impacted by the bushfires of 7th Feb 2009. In the early stages of its development the Blacksmiths Association, after discussion with other affected communities, considered that the Strathewen community would be a special location for the Tree and an offer was made and accepted by the Strathewen Community Renewal Association on behalf of the community. The project has grown considerably since originally conceptualised, both in scope and in physical size.

Community feedback was very positive with respect to the Blacksmiths Tree, however concerns were raised about the potential impact on our community and this became more evident as possible locations were discussed.  In order to provide the Blacksmiths Association with a firm position on whether to locate the Tree in Strathewen or not, the Working Group has provided information on the Tree and requested feedback from community members.  The response from community members was overwhelmingly supportive of Strathewen as a location for the Tree, however there were concerns raised, particularly around the issues of access and traffic.  This information has been provided to the Blacksmiths Association to support their considerations and planning.


Latest News

Blacksmiths Tree news. Trunk forging, major assembly and installation all happens in 2012. If all runs smoothly, the tree will be in the ground by the end of this year. Surveying of the site has been completed. At the end of January design of the site will begin, taking into account what will be around the base of the tree, seating, which native plants and grasses will be planted and how the tree fits into the environment practically and aesthetically. For more news from the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) go to the Blacksmiths Tree Project website