Strathewen Community Renewal Assoc Inc


The tragic events of February 7, 2009 can be commemorated by the Strathewen community in many different ways. Remembrance, the act of remembering or retaining, is important because it helps us remember what has been lost, what has been changed, how far we have come, and how far we have to go in our recovery. It also allows us to publicly symbolise what this tragic event means for the Strathewen community. The community, through the Strathewen Community Renewal Association (SCRA), has expressed a desire to permanently remember this day. Developing a memorial or potentially a series of memorials for Strathewen is a way of coming together and publicly expressing remembrance. For details of the stages undertaken throughout this process please see the links below.

Decision made on memorial designer/constructor 

Strathewen Community Renewal Association have recently endorsed Arterial Design to be the designer/constructor of the Strathewen Community Bushfire Memorial. It is intended that the Memorial be officially opened on the third anniversary of the fires. Arterial Design is a unique art and design consultancy specialising in the integration of exhibition design, interpretative art, graphic design, art project consultancy, placemaking and project management. For more information about Arterial Design go to their website

You are invited to view their submitted design concept.